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Late Talker vs. Apraxia? 

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Self-Help Clearinghouse
How to start a support group, and information on clearing houses nationwide.  They want to help you to start a support group in your area! 
Start A Support Group!

Become a Partner group of CHERAB
We can also help you to start a support group in your area.  As partners we can share resources to help the children.
Partner Groups

1 on 1, a parent's struggle
 A Position Statement
a parent's struggle

Advocate's Center
Advocate's Center

Is a worldwide resource that provides children with special needs, families and other caregivers with access to comprehensive information.  Kidneeds is affiliated with St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children in New York.

National Parent Information Network
A HUGE page of links for parents
National Parent Information Network

Severity Intervention Matrix
Seek private evaluations from an ASHA certified SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) as well as medical evaluations from a neurologist and a developmental pediatrician who are knowledgeable about apraxia as well as other disorders.  Bring these evaluations to your child's school with the guideline at this link.  American Speech and Language Association National Guidelines for the Roles and Responsibilities of the School-Based SLP (Other great information here as well)

Friends Health Connection
Check the events page.  These events are open to us!  A great resource for anyone who feels like they are going through a challenge alone.
Friends Health Connection

Council For Parent Attorneys And Advocates
Attorneys And Advocates

Mid Jersey Cares Early Intervention Collaborative
A partnership of parents and professionals and early intervention providers working together to ensure high quality early intervention.
Early Intervention

Raising Special Needs Kids
Raising Special Needs Kids

Devoted To Raising Special Kids With Special Needs
Kids With Special Needs

The Disability Resource
Disability Resource

disABILITY Information
Disability Information

Various Info On Kids And Different Disabilities
Kids and Disabilities


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