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Due to the amount of upcoming events for April and May, CHERAB will not be holding the regularly scheduled meetings.

Family Fun Day April 20th 2002

Nancy Kaufman special CHERAB meeting May 2nd 2002,

New Jersey Speech Hearing Association Parent Day May 4th 2002, 

Apraxia Day Picnic May 4th 2002, 

Art Festival May 15th, 2002

TV Documentary Request


April 20th, 2002

Family Fun Day!
The 2002 Family Fair will be a great chance to get lots of the kids together.  All family events will have paper and crayons at the CHERAB table including the day of the Family Fair so that if you want to submit your child's art work for the art festival coming up in May you will have many opportunities!   For those who can't attend any events -please keep mailing your child's art drawings in! 
CHERAB Foundation, Inc. (Art Festival)
657 Valley Road   Box 339  Gillette, NJ 07933

Let's help all of our children have a voice!




April 20th 2002 (Rain Date 4/27/02)
10 AM to 2 PM
Children's Specialized Hospital
150 New Providence Road
Mountainside, NJ 07092

Directions to Children's Specialized Hospital

Join us for fun, entertainment, free hearing screenings, give-a-ways,
and learn more about programs for your family.

Activities include: Face Painting, Dance Performances, Bicycle helmet
safety, Fire Safety, Finger Printing, visit with the Patriot's mascot.
Learn about: YMCA, Somerset Hills Horseback Riding, Buddy Ball,
Union County Recreation, Westfield Community Center, Special
Olympics, Child Passenger Safety, Suburban Music School, Brain Injury Association, Children's Miracle Network
Children's Specialized Hospital Programs and Services Support
Groups: CHERAB (Communication Help, Education, Research,
Apraxia Base) Moms of Multiples, Epilepsy Foundation, The Mother's Center of Central NJ, and much much more!"



Nancy Kaufman "Special Opportunity" CHERAB Meeting


May 2, 2002 
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Atlantic City Convention Center 
 2001 Kirkman Blvd.
 Atlantic City, NJ 08401
 Click below for directions

Directions to Atlantic City Convention Center

AC at night 1

CHERAB Foundation is happy to present to you Nancy Kaufman CCC/SLP on Thursday, May 2nd from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City!!  It's exciting to be able to share with you Nancy Kaufman from the Kaufman Children's Center in Michigan the creator of the Kaufman Praxis Test for apraxia and the Kaufman Kits and technique for apraxia for her to present and answer our questions! RSVP's will be very important due to space limitations since as usual with most CHERAB events, there is no registration fee for this event.  

On behalf of the CHERAB Foundation I would like to thank Nancy
Kaufman, one of the CHERAB advisors, who (again) is donating her time
probono for all of us to help the children. We would also like to
thank the New Jersey Speech Hearing Association (NJSHA) and the
conference organizers who generously are assisting us with a meeting
room, accommodations, and coordinating travel arrangements, so that
we could present this incredible "Special Opportunity" presentation
free of charge to you in the beautiful Atlantic City Convention
Please again be aware that space is limited, we will not be able to
fit everyone -so RSVPs to this event, which has no registration
charge, will be on a first come first serve basis. To keep the
first come basis fair we decided to only provide one RSVP email
address, which is to Denise Harrison, the founder of the South Jersey
support group. Please RSVP with your name and number of people you
would like to attend to chatnow@optonline.net  If you are having trouble with emails, you can call the CHERAB number at 908-626 KIDS (5437)  If you run a support group for communication help and would like to join others who run support groups for dinner with Nancy Kaufman before the CHERAB meeting at 6:30 PM, please email Lisa Geng or call the CHERAB number at 908-626 KIDS (5437)
The CHERAB Foundation 'Nancy Kaufman' meeting will be held on Thursday May 2nd after the NJSHA 'Nancy Kaufman' workshop. The NJSHA workshop is only available through paid registration and I'm not sure if that is already filled up. Those that attend the NJSHA Nancy Kaufman workshop however will also be notified of the CHERAB meeting after, so we will make sure that those of you with an RSVP will be able to be seated first.  Even if you are already registered for the NJSHA workshop, you would have to RSVP to the CHERAB meeting separate at chatnow@optonline.net
When you get to the Atlantic City Convention Center -please ask for
the New Jersey Speech Hearing Association Conference -and proceed to their registration table. They will be able to inform you where the
CHERAB Foundation meeting will be. Right now we are not sure what
rooms will be used for either the NJSHA conference or the CHERAB
meeting -as we get closer to the date we'll keep you posted here and
at the CHERAB grouplist.

May 4th

New Jersey Speech Hearing Association's 


hosted by Lisa Geng CHERAB Foundation
Atlantic City Convention Center 
 2001 Kirkman Blvd.
 Atlantic City, NJ 08401
 Click below for directions

Directions to Atlantic City Convention Center

The full day's events for the New Jersey Speech Hearing Association's Full Day Advocacy Track will be hosted by Lisa Geng, President and Founder of CHERAB Foundation.  This will be a day that as a parent you won't want to miss.  Knowledge is powerful in helping you to help your child.

Schedule of Events
District Self Assessment: An instrument for Change Penny Dragonetti
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network
Section 504: How to Utilize the Federal Statute for the Benefits of
Disabled Students Through Age 21 Cole, Schotz, Forman & Leonard, PC
Medicaid Managed Care and Children with Special Health Care Needs
Lauren Agoratus, MA SPAN
Working Lunch -Parenting and Stress Management Dominique Ricciardelli
Behavioral Interventions at Home" Change Your Behavior -Change Your
Child Michael C Selbst PhD
It Takes Two to Talk Jan Pepper MCISc The Hanen Program
Registration Form
Telephone:________________ E-Mail:_____________________
Tuition: $65
Please send registration form and check (payable to NJSHA) to
NJSHA, 203 Towne Centre Drive, Hillsborough, NJ 08844


May 4th

Apraxia Day Picnic 
SAT. MAY 4TH, 2002

Directions to Van Saun Park    

This is the third year that Jeannie Buesser's non profit the Apraxia Network of Bergan County is throwing the Apraxia Day Picnic for all of us!  CHERAB is assisting and supporting the efforts of this fun family event.  No donations are being collected for CHERAB, however a ten dollar donation per family is suggested as support for the Apraxia Network of Bergan County.  Make sure to fill out the (duckie) name badges when you arrive!

Lots of places to play and run!  The park has a zoo, pony rides, a train, and a carousel!  Here are just some of the planned events:

Dessert    (who put that first?)                       
Games, Crayons/coloring table.  All family events will have paper and crayons at the CHERAB table including the day of the Family Fair so that if you want to submit your child's art work for the art festival coming up in May you will have many opportunities!  
Entertainment for the children!                                              
Pizza/Soda will be served at 12:00pm sharp at Picnic Area D
(If your child is allergic to the pizza, please provide a lunch for him/her)

RSVP by April 25th to :(Jeanne) (Ofelia) (Lisa) or call

(201) 741-4035 or (908) 626-KIDS (5437)  

May 15th

Art Festival 
Wednesday, May 15th 
9:30 AM - 2:30 PM
 Middlesex County College (College Center Building)
2600 Woodbridge Avenue Edison, NJ 

Directions to Middlesex County College   

Here is a wonderful invitation for an event all of our children can participate in -even if they can't attend personally.   What a great opportunity to raise self esteem and confidence...your child's first art show!  

If you would like your child to participate -just send a picture that your child creates in paint, crayon, marker, finger paint, etc. of any size.  Please be sure to include your child's name, and the "title" or name of the picture if there is one. Age and State/Country are
optional. If you want the art work mailed back please include a self
addressed stamped envelope.

Please send your child's drawing or painting to
CHERAB Foundation
657 Valley Road Box 339
Gillette, NJ 07933
The NJ Statewide Arts Festival sponsored by the National Endowment
for the Arts, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, the United
Way, and VSA arts, under an award from the US Department of Education will host the 19th Annual Partners in the Arts Festival. "Partnersin the Arts is a festival that fosters the integration of individuals of all ages, with and without disabilities in the celebration of the arts. Children and adults, individuals and groups are invited to this enjoyable, enriching, fun-filled day. The event will be held on
Wednesday, May 15 at Middlesex County College in Edison, NJ from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM at the College Center Building. This event fosters the integration of individuals with and without disabilities in the celebration of the arts. Children and adults, individuals and school
groups are invited to participate in this enriching, fun-filled day
of performances, "artstop" workshops, exhibits, face-painting, and
much more. 

This event is free of charge -just pack a lunch and a beverage and
enjoy!" We will try to take great pictures of the display and the
event for all of you to see!

VSA -History from their website: Established in New Jersey in 1978
and co-sponsored by the Middlesex County Cultural & Heritage
Commission, this state-wide not-for-profit is part of the
international VSA arts network which serves 47 states and 87 nations.
National VSA arts was founded by Jean Kennedy Smith as an affiliate
of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington,
DC and is designated by Congress as the national coordinating agency
for arts programs for individuals with disabilities. On the local
level, VSA/NJ programs provide expanded art opportunities for the
1,000,000 New Jersey residents with disabilities.
You can read about this event and other events online at
http://www.vsanj.org/announcements.htm or
It will be great to see you at the events!

Special Request for documentary (as posted to our grouplist)

From:  "Lisa Geng" <Lisa@KiddieTalk.org>
Date:  Thu Mar 28, 2002  4:00 pm
Subject:  Directors for a major network documentary (2nd) request for CHERAB
Happy Holidays to all!
I just got an urgent request from the producer from the documentary
mentioned below (that will be aired all over!!) that they want to add
one more child to be filmed right now -or right away - in the NY
area. Below is the original message from a few months ago and I know
many people contacted me back then -but other than Marci from NYC who is the support contact for NYC and one of the mom's the producers interviewed already, I didn't keep a list of names of the rest. I know some people didn't want to wait to supplement with the ProEFA - and it was a wait. Well if you did happen to wait, or you are new to the list, this is an incredible opportunity to document your child
before and after EFA supplementation in an educational documentary
which is being reviewed and overseen by leading doctors. Talk about
an incredible opportunity to get the word out about what we as a
small group are seeing...and hearing!
If I can -I just want to take a moment to say something. New parents
ask us if we really see results with EFA and it's typically the newer
to our group parents that answer -did you ever notice that? After
all once you answer once -and the question pops up again a few days
later -and then again. In addition to that - there is another reason
its the newer parents.
It used to be that if a child was diagnosed with apraxia, PDD or
autism, it was a hard future ahead for all. The EFAs have literally
changed that in many cases overnight. The road is still hard work,
but the light, it's there now, you know? The progression sometimes
is so rapid that it subsides the worry. I can't tell you how many
parents post to this list all scared and upset about the diagnosis -
who write to us amazed when they first started the EFAs -typically
ProEFA, and then you don't hear from them much because their child is
talking, interacting -and they can move on!!
I appreciate that feeling. Face it -we are all busy people -I'm
still here with all of you because my goal is to get the word out so
that other's can know this information that we as a group now take
for granted...so we can help all the children. Everytime I hear
about a child that talks for the first time on EFAs I get chills.
Just today I spoke to Mauri Blefeld's husband (Mauri runs the
Children's Apraxia Network of PA) Her son, when I met him a bit over
a year ago when he was seven -was using an augmentative device to speak for him, and some of his vocalizations sounded like grunts. Mauri's husband told me how his son -who is just a few years shy of ten years old, started to progress rapidly on the ProEFA -and now just months later he's speaking in two word sentences and doesn't want to even use the augmentative device anymore. Because...He's talking!! Just think how many parents just like Mauri don't know to try just giving their child fish oil -I mean it sounds lame doesn't it?
This again is that opportunity to give our children, and the
communication impairments that blocked them, a voice - to the
children like ours out there who have mom's and dad's that don't own
computers, or who can't afford private evaluations -what happens to
those kids? What could happen if more knew about this? It's not the
name brand like it would be in a drug -it's the formula of DHA, EPA
and GLA -and anyone anywhere could make that. (And no I don't want
to say here what I'm doing yet with my own children that I've
confidentially shared with a few others -but when there is enough
anecdotal results from others of what we are now giving to our
children along with the ProEFA I will share it.)
This documentary and all the events coming up are all chances for all
of you to be involved and show you do care about communication
impairments in children -a condition that is the "so what?"
impairment of all time. So what?! We can all tell the story
of "what" and why we need awareness - please don't lose that passion
when we together can use it to help all of the children -which will
ultimately help your own child and mine much more than anything we
could ever do alone.
Everything (I know -I know, "will be posted to the
http://www.apraxia.cc website soon") Please call me at the CHERAB
number 908-626-KIDS (5437) or email me at lisa@kiddietalk.org if you are interested in the following -you would have to be in the NYC triState area. Read on...
--- In childrensapraxianet@y..., "Lisa Geng" <Lisa@K...> wrote:
Directors for a major network documentary (2nd) request for CHERAB
Hi everyone!
If you have not supplemented your (late talker/apraxic) child yet
with EFAs, and are from the NY area ~please read this before you
decide to start.
I met with the associate and executive directors a few weeks ago
about a documentary that they plan to include us in, that they are
now shooting for one of the large nationwide network stations. They
have since then called a few times to find out the results of a
request that we sent out to this list, which I'm going to repost
"I have an important request for any of you that has not supplemented
your apraxic child yet-but lives in New York, New Jersey,
Connecticut, or Pennsylvania close to NYC.
Since almost all of the children have pretty dramatic results in just
a few days to a few weeks of Omega 3/6 supplementation, they would
like to include in the documentary footage of children before and
after ProEFA supplementation. They may consider autistic children as
well-but speech is the main aspect.
If you are interested, please email me at lisa@kiddietalk.org (lisa
at kiddietalk.org) or call me at 908-626-KIDS (5437) to give me your
name and phone number and child's age and diagnosed condition. Also,
please let her know how many medical or therapy professionals (that
they can interview) are working with your child, and for how many
months or years. If your child is not testing well in the school IQ
tests given, please include that as well."
After the last message was sent out we only received three messages -
and the producers are planning to begin filming right after the
Holidays in January-so it wouldn't be that much longer you would have
to wait! If you are one of the three parents that contacted Suzanne
Smolyar already and you are still interested (and have not yet
supplemented your child yet) please contact me this time.
This documentary will be completed by this Spring and is due to air
sometime next Fall.
The above request will not be posted on the http://www.apraxia.cc
website yet because they are only in need of about 5 to 10 children
for this, but please feel free to share this message with other lists
you believe would find this exciting news relevant.

Lisa Geng
President CHERAB Foundation
Communication Help, Education, Research, Apraxia Base
732-871-6013 VM
"Help give our cherubs a smile and a voice" 


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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -- Margaret Mead, anthropologist

Send mail to Support with technical questions or comments about this web site. 
Copyright 1998 
Last modified: Friday, June 03, 2005

To find your way around the CHERAB part of this site please click here for the index.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -- Margaret Mead, anthropologist