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Thank you letter from
Easter Seals New Jersey

"Hi everyone....

"My name is Debbie Weber and I am the Director of The Easter Seals New Jersey Personal Assistance Services and Equipment Loan and Referral Program. Shortly before Christmas, I received a phone call from a man and his wife who had run into some very hard times. They had several children and could not afford to purchase any Christmas gifts for them. Through the efforts of Chris Stroz, a staff member at Easter Seals in East Brunswick, she was able to obtain some gifts for the children.

"I also phoned Lisa Geng at the Shop in Service and asked if she could possibly obtain some donations of gifts. Lisa not only responded to my request the same day, but she managed to gather an abundance of gifts for the whole family. I would like to extend a very special Thank You to Lisa from myself and on behalf of Easter Seals New Jersey for all her efforts in such short notice and for bringing a smile to the faces of a family who thought they would have no Christmas. Keep up the excellent work!

"There are a lot of happy and very satisfied customers who I have referred to your company. Your services are not only outstanding but they have that personalized touch.

"Thanks Again!"


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