"Quilt of Hope"
Participation Information
The "Quilt of Hope" for apraxic children, which will be viewed by all that attend the festive dinner on July, 23, 2001, will allow others to share a glimpse of some of the precious little lives that EFA has already touched and helped.  The "Quilt of Hope" for apraxic children will also inspire us to know that future clinical research in this area will soon be helping so many more children.

If you have an apraxic child who benefited from supplementation of any EFA product, your child can be part of our
"Quilt of Hope" for apraxic children.  Reports do not need to be limited to just speech, and can include any and all of the positive changes that are observed from family members and/or professionals if you would like to include them too.  These stories however can be just your observations as a parent.  Also those parents of children who have apraxia together with other disorders are encouraged to participate.

Please email your story to
Suzanne Smolyar, VP of CHERAB Foundation or fax it to her at 212-363-2332.  You can also mail your story on any letter-sized piece of paper (8 and a half by 11-any color of your choice), to:

"Quilt of Hope" for Apraxic Children
c/o CHERAB Foundation
977 Valley Road Box 339
Gillette, New Jersey 07933

A photo of your child is optional and can be sent via the email, fax-or via postal mail. 

Due to time constants, all parents who wish to participate in the "Quilt of Hope" for apraxic children will need to have their stories in no later than
Monday, July 16.  If you wish to use a post that you previously posted to a grouplist about your child's experience with EFA, that is fine as well.  Any questions please leave a message at 732-871-6013.