Hugo W. Moser, MD, our distinguished dinner speaker, has a venerable career as a world renowned basic & clinical researcher in the area of genetic disorders with implications to the central and peripheral nervous systems.

For many years, one of Dr. Moser's roles has been his involvement as Chairman of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board of  the
United Leukodystrophy Foundation.  Dr. Moser's life work has been to identify and cure such diseases as adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), which is the condition that the little boy, Lorenzo, had in the movie "Lorenzo's Oil".  Dr. Moser is the developer of new therapeutic approaches in this area7, for example, he was the first one to undertake clinical studies with an oil mixture that is now well known as "Lorenzo's Oil".

Dr. Moser is currently preparing international trials for the therapy of ALD
and in his speech, he will relate to the most recent developments in this

We are honored that a person with such a demanding schedule as Dr. Moser is
making a special trip to speak to all of us who care for and love apraxic
children.  We are also honored to have such a distinguished speaker as Dr.
Moser, who in many ways, due to his own past professional experiences, can
educate all of us as to how the power of research professionals,
inspired by the passion of  parents, can sometimes lead to answers and
cures that were at one time thought impossible by the experts.

As we hear about successful research, we may realize that the treatment
itself is not the miracle, but that our children, and how the treatment can
metamorphosize their life is the real miracle.  We will learn the
power of hope, which will build on our theme for the celebration of the
night, our "
Quilt of Hope" for apraxic children.
Hugo W. Moser, MD
University Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD
Director of Neurogenics Department,
Kennedy Krieger Research Institute
Baltimore, MD