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Here's how it works:

To get a free trial of our free service is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


IN00495_.wmf (3020 bytes)  1.   From anywhere in the country, e-mail us at shop-in-service.  For a free trial of our free service, fill in and submit the following information.


If you would like to speak to a particular
representative, fill in their name below.


IN00495_.wmf (3020 bytes) 2.  A Shop-in Service representative, a personal shopper chosen just for you, will contact you to answer all your questions and go over your shopping list for free!  Remember, you don't have to limit your list to just groceries. (do you feel pampered yet?)

IN00495_.wmf (3020 bytes)  3. Your personal shopper will then take the time to resource YOUR shopping needs from various stores, web sites, or catalogs, (time you can now spend taking a bubble bath with a good book!)  Your personal shopper will then call you back with various choices and prices.  Of course, there is never an obligation to purchase from us.  Every part of our service is free.  However, if you decide you like what you hear, upon your approval, we will have your products delivered to your home, or the destination of your choice


That's it! Now, what are you waiting for?  Oh, did I forget to mention? There is NO FEE for our service! We charge our clients the same price the stores or manufacturers charge us, sometimes cheaper than if you shopped there yourself! (Now is a good time to mention, you can order smelling salts through us too!!)

How can we do this? The reason you don't pay for our service is because we are paid a fee by the stores or businesses we shop FOR YOU from on a volume or referral basis. "What We Pay Is What You Pay"! So just as if you spent all the time shopping yourself, you'll choose only the items you want. 

So if you think you deserve your own free personal shopper or you're a reputable business that would also like to link with us, we are really looking forward to hearing from you!



Shop for yourself.

Shopping at the best!

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        To Go Shopping as a member, click on Go Shopping and send an email.  In the subject line type "Membership" to request a membership and in the body of the email, give your name and email address. 


        Do you have repeated items that seem to always find their way onto your shopping list?  What if you could have those items appear at your front door on a scheduled basis?

        Our optional "Auto Delivery" can do it!  When you become a member, you will have the ability to set up your own personalized schedule.  Your items will be delivered automatically when YOU say they should be.  You can also change this schedule to meet your shopping habits throughout the year.  Just click on Go Shopping and request a membership.


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Our Mission

Welcome to The Shop-In Service, Inc. Our goal is to provide a unique, affordable, and personal shopping service that delivers all products directly to your door. Shop for everything from groceries, mall items (clothing, shoes, cosmetics, furniture, gifts, florist, office supplies, etc.), medical supplies and equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc.), clothing for the disabled, gourmet and organic foods, services such as cellular phones and pagers, satellite communications, airline and travel needs, auto lease or purchases, and much more.


Company Profile

The Shop-In Service, Inc.

The Shop-In Service
Corporate Division


The Shop-In Service, Inc.

By way of introduction, The Shop-In Service, Inc., was founded nearly two years ago as a way to help women who are placed on bed rest due to high-risk pregnancies get their family shopping done in an affordable and friendly environment. Since then, the service has expanded across America to assist many individuals and families including those in the disabled and elderly communities. We receive referrals from hospitals, local and Governmental agencies, such as Easter Seals, Libraries for the Blind and Handicapped, etc., as well as from many satisfied customers.

The Shop-In Service, Inc. links up with both local and national companies representing premium and name-brand products. Our personal shopping representatives are compensated by the businesses with which we associate on a volume or referral basis. Thus, the commissions our representatives receive come directly from the companies and not from the customer. Our customers are never required to sign contracts, place minimum orders, and are not subjected to inflated prices.



The Shop-In Service Corporate Division

Our philosophy is to "help people to help themselves." In an effort to expand our services, we recently created The Shop-In Service Corporate Division to assist companies and their employees. Due to the harried and hectic lives of corporate America's employees, going to the market or mall after work or on Saturdays is time most people would rather spend with their friends or family. Of course, this is also the perfect service for those who do not enjoy squandering their free time standing in line at the store.

Unique Benefits: Our products and services are supplied directly from our associated companies and service providers. We help employees with their personal shopping. With The Shop-In Service Corporate Division, we also assist with your corporate shopping needs as well.




Contact Information

Telephone: 973-390-7540
FAX: 908.903.0724
Postal address: 977 Valley Road, #339 Gillette, NJ 07933
Electronic mail: General Information: Information
Customer Support: 973-390-7540
Webmaster: Mark Iuzzolino



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